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When the stars align, there is money on the table for investors in short selling – the process of selling high, then buying low. With the tide of central bank liquidity receding, David Poppenbeek from K2 Asset Management says it’s time to start judiciously growing the short book. You need deeper... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

In market sell-offs like we’ve experienced this week, it’s hard to find anything that’s unaffected by the selling. The ASX200 was down 4.9% before trading opened on Friday, but the pain for momentum and technology stocks has been even worse. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

While some investors may sell short to offset other positions, Simon Shields from Monash Investors Limited explains that they engage in shorting to make money. One of those shorts is betting against one of the best-known brands in the country, Coca-Cola Amatil. But why would you bet against Coke? “We’ve... Show More

Mark Houghton

Short selling scares people. Many advisors categorise long/short strategies as ‘risky’ and they have support from the likes of Warren Buffett who describes it as dangerous and irritating. Our observations show long/short strategies do in fact give skillful managers a competitive advantage. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

The share price of tech market darling, Tesla, rose inexorably more than ten-fold between early 2013 and early 2018. One manager not convinced by the hype was Jacob Mitchell from Antipodes Partners, who presented his short thesis on the stock at Livewire Live as early as July 2017. Show More

Daryl Wilson

Every month, we provide a snapshot of the Affluence Investment Fund portfolio to our investors. We always include the two following charts to help people understand how we have positioned the portfolio: Show More

Simon Shields

In my 30 years as an analyst and fund manager, I have seen recurring business situations and patterns of behaviour that often lead to mispricing by the market. This attracted me to the idea of behavioural economics, as a validation of some of these insights. So, like behavioural economists, we are... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, so in this episode the panel focus on four stocks that are feeling the heat right now. Activists, short sellers and industry disruption are all creating headaches for the likes of BHP, TPG Telecom, Quintis and Aconex. Show More

Chad Slater

Within investing, dealing with success isn’t the problem; understanding when your roadmap isn’t working out is the hard part. If you change your mind too early, you run the risk of shutting down good ideas on what we’d call “noise”.  The original thesis on Woolworths in 2015 was of over-earning... Show More

Patrick Poke

It’s been an interesting week in the markets with falls in some of last year’s top stocks, and gains in some of last year’s laggards. DMP is down 18% and Macquarie Bank is down 11%, while Fortescue is up 7% and South 32 is up 17%. Such reversals have certainly... Show More