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Legendary investor Peter Lynch coined the term ‘Diworsification’ - making your risk-return profile worse through diversification - and famously ran a concentrated portfolio with some of the best performance in history. While this approach usually comes with more volatility, it also has some significant advantages. Collins St Value Fund follows... Show More


Increased uncertainty surrounding global trade and economic growth appears to have weakened market sentiment. Volatility has increased significantly (but most likely to more normal, rather than elevated, levels) and investors have sought refuge in companies with defensive earnings streams. We are not invested in these companies as they appear to... Show More


Contrarians can be a lot like teenagers: they think they’re all different but end up looking the same. This however, is not true of this week’s guest, Tim Hillier from Allan Gray. Case in point: when asked what stock he’d own if the market were to close for five years,... Show More

There are three factors that need to be present when we consider an investment in a resource company: low commodity prices, a declining supply, and poor sentiment. On this basis, we think that gold could be a great opportunity, and discuss one ASX gold producer well placed to leverage this. Show More


As the old saying goes; “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. And nowhere is this truer than the sometimes-scary world of deep value and contrarian investing. Some of the stocks mentioned here have fallen 80% or more from relatively recent highs, and have fallen off the radar of index... Show More

The first thing you learn about being contrarian is that humans don't normally like to act this way. As the cartoon suggests, we're a social animal. We like to stick together. When we were all living in the jungle and someone yells, "Run! Lion!" it’s the contrarians that get eaten.... Show More

Michael Goldberg

Uranium stocks have been quietly gaining in recent months, however, we expect materially more from the sector as it continues to rationalise in the medium-term. To put the current price of uranium into terms more familiar: we believe it is trading at the equivalent of oil at US$20 per barrel. Show More

Expert Insights

Baron Rothschild famously told investors to ‘buy when there’s blood in the streets’, but buying opportunities like the GFC don’t come around often. How can investors find contrarian ideas at other times? Simon Mawhinney from Allan Gray, which specialises in contrarian investing, addresses this question in the video below. ... Show More

Arik Star

In global developed equity markets the mid/small cap universe is more than five times the size of the large cap universe. Within that global mid/small cap universe, EGI focusses on change; companies going through what we call a period of price discovery. This typically includes spin offs, fallen angels, management... Show More

Nathan Bell

In part one of this three-part series, we explained how buying companies where management has their own wealth on the line can help you beat the market. In this article, part two, we’re going to analyse a current portfolio holding to show how you can trounce the market if you’re... Show More