energy sector

Geoff Wood

2018 has been a fascinating year so far with many different cross-currents running through markets. We have seen central banks hiking, just as Governments look to expand fiscally. At the same time, the big economic powerhouses go head-to-head on trade. Where does this all lead us? Below we walk through... Show More

Callum Thomas

This week it's US crude oil flows. Specifically, what we've got here is an interesting juxtaposition of crude oil imports and crude oil production for America. The chart is interesting due to the perspective it provides on US oil supplies: for much of recorded history the US got the majority... Show More

Callum Thomas

This week the "Chart of the Week" looks at the energy sector of the S&P500 and specifically how it fits in in terms of market capitalization weight and share of total earnings across the index. Simply put, energy stocks have fallen to the lowest market cap weighting since late 2003... Show More

Benjamin Goodwin

Over the period since Merlon’s establishment in 2010, oil prices have traded between USD40 per barrel (bbl) and USD120/bbl, a period representing the end of an oil boom, and the beginning of an era of consolidation. Show More

Marcus Tuck

As the world awaits the outcome of the US Presidential and Congressional elections, one important trend that has been largely overlooked during the period of election uncertainty is the return to profit growth of the US corporate sector. Show More

Angela Mangan

Select key oil stocks have generated technical sell signals over the last week. Given this has occurred in a cluster flags the energy sector as having reached a (negative) turning point and indicates a trend change is underway. The oil price has not (yet) generated a technical sell signal, but... Show More